We're a strategy-design hybrid.
We drive fast change led by execution.

Hello, we are Manyone. A new breed that combines the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology. Because strategy and design should be one integrated and fast service. We’re built to help businesses drive strategic change led by world-class execution at speed. A consultancy designed for tomorrow.

No product or service is an island. Integrating the full horizon of insights and disciplines available is fundamental to create fantastic solutions, meet shifting user expectations, and adapt to change. At Manyone, we employ a truly cross-disciplinary approach that increases speed and precision of any project.

Shaping everything that's next

No barriers, full horizon, shaping everything that’s next.

Strategy led by execution

Everything we do is designed to deliver adaptive and validated solutions in lean and fast processes. Delivering cutting edge proof-of-concept, world class design or next-generation brand development, we work in clearly defined sprints to push for strategic change empowering organisations to explore and go to market fast. We call this strategy led by execution.

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Many as one

We're a team of 130+ strategists and designers founded by a team of experienced industry executives. Working from our offices in Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Aarhus, London, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Singapore, we are on a fantastic journey to help create a better future for businesses, people and planet. We believe that's done best with strategy-design at the centre.

Curious to learn more about our values, the company we’re building and how we're doing it? We've collected everything you need to know in The Manyone Way.

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New adventures, new friends. Welcome onboard Amazon Web Services, Deutsche Telekom, Lineas, Lufthansa Systems, Microsoft, TransferWise, Vestas and HRH The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative.
These wonderful brands have recently chosen us to help shape everything that's next.

Your market needs anything but the usual: A strategy-design hybrid.

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    Products & services

    Experience Design is much more than just well-crafted touchpoints. Products and services intertwine seamlessly, eco-systems overlap, and the experience of interacting with any brand and every touchpoint must be designed to adapt to shifting contexts and innovative opportunities while still delivering on the full business potential.

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    Creative technology

    Exploring the commercial and strategic potential of creative technologies facilitated by proof-of-concept. Moving into extended realities and artificial intelligence, we push the boundaries with R&D based rapid prototyping and creative programming. We design with interaction, learning and visualisation in mind, experimenting constantly and at speed, delivering at the intersection of the physical and the digital.

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    Adaptive branding

    Shaping a brand is preparing it to adapt to any platform, strategy, channel and touchpoint. It is about defining who you are and what you do, to deliver your brand experience from vision to market. Making a distinct, genuine and memorable brand comes with hybrid thinking and an inherently digital mindset.

We helped transform these businesses

  • AKG
    Manyone client AKG Manyone client AKG
  • Audi
    Manyone client Audi Manyone client Audi
  • Brussels airlines
    Manyone client Brusselairlines Manyone client Brusselairlines
  • Danske Bank
    Manyone client Danske Bank Manyone client Danske Bank
  • DR
    Manyone client DR Manyone client DR
  • Ikea
    Manyone client Ikea Manyone client Ikea
  • Jabra
    Manyone client Jabra Manyone client Jabra
  • Lego
    Manyone client Lego Manyone client Lego
  • LG
    Manyone client LG Manyone client LG
  • Lufthansa
    Manyone client Lufthansa Manyone client Lufthansa
  • Nets
    Manyone client Nets Manyone client Nets
  • Nordea
    Manyone client Nordea Manyone client Nordea
  • Novo nordisk
    Manyone client novonordisk Manyone client novonordisk
  • Panasonic
    Manyone client Panasonic Manyone client Panasonic
  • Puma
    Manyone client Puma Manyone client Puma
  • Samsung
    Manyone client Samsung Manyone client Samsung
  • T-mobil
    Manyone client T Mobile Manyone client T Mobile
  • Toyota
    Manyone client Toyota Manyone client Toyota
  • Volkswagen
    Manyone client Volksvagen Manyone client Volksvagen