Fast change needs strategy led by execution. With design processes at our core, we explore and create new, tangible products, strategies and services that help transform your business.

  • Case | HRH The Prince of Wales's Sustainable Markets Initiative

    His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’s Sustainable Markets Initiative. Maximising its impact.

    As a strategy-design partner we're working with HRH's Sustainable Markets Initiative to create a digital experience that will maximise the global impact of the the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

    Manyone SMI marketplace still Manyone SMI marketplace still
  • Case | Novo Nordisk

    Global brand experience and digital strategy for Novo Nordisk

    Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare leader, has chosen Manyone as their partner to deliver an ambitious refreshed experience of the Novo Nordisk brand.

    Novo Nordisk Apis Bull Novo Nordisk Apis Bull
  • Case | Ørsted

    Next-generation stakeholder engagement in VR

    Created for Ørsted, the Ocean Wind VR project is a state-of-the-art immersive experience allowing key stakeholders to experience a new wind farm before its even built.

    Orsted Manyone hero Ocean Wind Orsted Manyone hero Ocean Wind
  • Case | Dimension Data

    Setting new standards for a seamless customer experience strategy

    Strategy, design and execution of an innovative, future-ready customer and stakeholder experience, the Manage Centre, that connects people to Dimension Data’s services across all core touchpoints.

    Manyone Dimension Data Screen WEB03 Manyone Dimension Data Screen WEB03
  • Case | Biomega

    The Biomega EV: Transformational design meets revolutionary business model.

    A production ready electric vehicle accompanied by a novel business model. Defining the mobility eco-systems of the future. Delivered in 18 months, an unprecedented short time frame for the automotive industry.

    Manyone Biomega EV 01 Manyone Biomega EV 01
  • Case | Internal

    Pandemic-proof robotic mobility

    Guaranteeing state of the art isolated transport of goods, people or medical services, the NemBot concept offers customisable solutions to a variety of non-emergency medical challenges.

    Nembot 00 Hero Nembot 00 Hero
  • Case | Norlys

    Designing a groundbreaking industry merger

    Enter Norlys: A multicoloured light on the horizon showing the power of cooperatives.

    Norlys 03 Norlys 03
  • Case | GN

    The GN Experience Center goes digital

    A sound driven experience where physical and digital inputs meet.

    Gn preview Gn preview
  • Case | Internal

    The Aeroslider: Redefining long-distance travel

    What does the future of high-speed intercontinental transport look like? It could be an efficient, green and comfortable maglev train averaging 800 km/h.

    Manyone aeroslider 01 Manyone aeroslider 01
  • Case | The Danish Cancer Society

    Ladies and gentlemen, wear sunscreen!

    Depending on where you are, what you wear and the time of the day, you need to consider protecting yourself from UV radiation. We built an app to help you do it.

    Manyone U Vindex webheader Manyone U Vindex webheader
  • Case | University of Southern Denmark

    Gamifying quantum physics

    Using the newest augmented reality technology the Quantum Kate AR interactive puzzle game teaches kids about quantum physics in a playful and innovative way!

    Qk preview Qk preview
  • Case | OKQ8

    Integration, realisation, transformation

    Working closely since 2012, it's been a long ride together with OKQ8. From strategy and transformation to an outcome of probably one hundred different products and service developments. And we're still going strong.

    Okq8 Okq8
  • Case | Capture One

    Presenting the ultimate photo editing software

    Powerful tools to make your photo editing smoother and more precise than ever. In a customizable interface that suits you.

    WEB02 WEB02
  • Case | Telia

    Radical user-powered telecommunications for Telia

    Customers are increasingly expecting their service providers to deliver a growing number of services and experience – and tailored to the specific user.

    02 Telia Hero 02 Telia Hero
  • Case | BroBizz

    Silky smooth customer self service

    Every day, thousands of commuters across Europe use the BroBizz payment service to pay bridge or road tolls, to board ferries, or to park at airports. We made it easier for them.

    01 Brobizz Hero 01 Brobizz Hero
  • Case | Oticon

    Hear me now, Oticon

    An experience that emulates hearing for the impaired with immersive VR and sound.

    Oticon preview Oticon preview
  • Case | Gutkind

    Gutkind: A force of literature

    Launching a publishing house is no mean feat. Launching one as ambitious as Gutkind requires something special.

    Books Books
  • Case | Hoplun

    Universal sign language for Hop Lun

    With factories in different countries and with workers speaking several different languages, how does one ensure clear communication at all levels?

    Manyone hoplun signage Manyone hoplun signage
  • Case | Clever

    Clever power to sustainable action

    Electrifying from coast to coast, making businesses greener.

    Clever homecharging bmw Clever homecharging bmw
  • Case | Toyota / Saatchi & Saatchi

    Safe and sound driving with Toyota

    Keeping young drivers safe and focused on the road by playfully using music and family relationships.

    Ss preview Ss preview
  • Case | DBU - The Danish Football Association

    More than just a game

    Each summer, the Danish Football Association hosts football schools across the country. Partnering with 240 clubs it allows kids from the entire country to spend a week during their summer holidays playing football.

  • Case | Techfestival

    Purpose-driven mass workshopping

    At the 2019 Techfestival, we were tasked to gather 100 leading thinkers and practitioners of urban mobility and have them spend a day discussing and defining the ideal commute.

    Manyone techfestival WEB01 header Manyone techfestival WEB01 header
  • Case | Europcar

    Performance-enhancing customer experiences for Europcar

    How our strategy and design partnership with Europcar improved their user experience and multi-channel communication.

    Manyone Europcar Thumbnail Manyone Europcar Thumbnail
  • Case | Tesco

    The future of fashion retail

    In a bid to define the future of retail and secure a competitive advantage, Tesco asked us to bring their F&F fashion brand to the forefront of the consumer’s minds.

    Manyone Tesco Thumbnail Manyone Tesco Thumbnail
  • Case | Microsoft

    A quantum computing experience at Microsoft

    Working closely with Microsoft, we created an interactive installation to create an on-site engaging experience at their Copenhagen Quantum Lab.

    Q wall Microsoft Manyone Q wall Microsoft Manyone